Jet lag, what jetlag?

A dreadful time was had by all... You can see how miserable we both are!

A dreadful time was had by all… You can see how miserable we both are! And aren’t we nicely co-ordinated with the colour of the sea!

I thought it was going to be horrendous. It isn’t at all!

We left Barbados on Monday afternoon. Night one on the plane to London.
We left London on Tuesday evening, after half a day with my brother, handing over quilts, being fed a huge and splendid fried breakfast, having hot showers and generally straightening ourselves out. Night two on the plane to Singapore. We struck it lucky there; the plane was only 2/3 full and we both managed a few hours of sleep stretched out across empty seats.
We left Singapore on Wednesday evening. Night three on a plane.
Thursday we got to Brisbane in the early morning, and three hours later caught our fourth plane home to Mackay.

The Dowager collected us and our baggage, and had kindly bought us some groceries. We got home, sort of unpacked, showered, discovered the aircon in the bedroom had finally given up the ghost, hauled the mattress into the living room where the aircon was still working, and fell into bed.  Got up again about 4 hours later, got a pizza, ate it, unpacked some more, went back to bed. We woke up at the normal time and are feeling fine.  I think we’ve gone so far the wrong way that we’re back in our normal time zone again.  I’m sure there’s a day missing there somewhere, but I don’t care!

My brother gave his quilt a rapturous welcome and couldn’t stop thanking me. I have to do the hand quilting on Happiness in the coming days, but after that, I really must get on with Broken Bottles for my wonderful sister in law, so that she too has a quilt to enjoy. She was looking a little wistful when we left…. My sewing machine has been in the workshop for servicing and repair, and hopefully I’ll be able to collect it tomorrow.  I feel a little odd having no sewing project in hand!

The garden is looking great despite the untender mercies of Tropical Cyclone Ita last week.  The neighbours kindly kept it watered when it wasn’t raining.  I have a lot of weeding to do, but other things have also grown a lot and I had to prune some areas quite hard to give the understorey a chance.

And now we have Easter to look forward to, and chocolate to eat. The Husband doesn’t go back to work until Anzac Day on 25th April, so we can take it a little easy in the coming week.


11 thoughts on “Jet lag, what jetlag?

  1. Welcome back! What a lovely photo of the two of you…. it’s always nice to blend in!

  2. Glad to read you were relatively unscathed by Cyclone Ita. Welcome home!

  3. You coordinate with each other and the sea!
    I am so glad you have escaped the jet lag curse. It really is no fun!

  4. Nanette says:

    Glad your garden is unscathed, and I’d forgotten about the lawn hankie….it will be a nice surprise when you get to it, no rush.

  5. Anlina says:

    Lovely to see you so happy and healthy in the sunshine. Enjoy the extended break!

  6. tialys says:

    Welcome back – although it was great to see your photos while you were on holiday. So pleased your brother loved his quilt but then, how could he not? Lovely, happy, holiday photo of you both and sounds like you have a bit of time over Easter to catch up on any missed sleep and weirdness of time zones.

  7. Kirsten says:

    That is such a lovely photo of you both! You look as if you really suffered on your trip! 🙂

  8. How lovely! What fun you guys have had!

    • katechiconi says:

      I can’t tell you what fun it was! It’s very good to step completely outside your normal life every so often, and we got to do things we’d never dream of doing at home. I’m still startled at how little jetlag we’ve suffered; maybe two nights of needing to go to bed at 9pm, but that’s it!

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