Words Under Pressure #17

Every migrant knows that no matter how wonderful the new life, the new home is, there are some things which still tug at the heart’s memory.  Here are some of mine.

And I Miss…

English spring mornings, fresh and green,
The first primroses, honeysuckle blowing gusts
Of lavish perfume under my night-time window,
The triumphant morning song of blackbirds,
The tender baby-gold of new oak leaves,
The promise of release from daytime darkness.

Ease of body on warm summer afternoons,
The haze of bluebells in the cool scented woods.
Wild roses and raspberries in the hedgerow,
Pimms with strawberries and cream.
Sun without scorching, dry without drought,
Endless childhood summer days.

Blackberry baskets loaded, then jars of jam,
Late apples picked from September trees,
The shouting, glorious gold of beech trees turning,
Squirrels in the walnut tree, starlings swarming,
The high V of geese heading south, distant honking.
Nature tucking herself into bed.

Christmas in wintertime, log fires, apple scented.
A sleeping world snug under a thick white blanket.
Flannel pyjamas, cosy woollen socks.
Stark-black trees laced with frost against grey sky,
Deer running in car headlights, early lambs.
The sun at rest, the world restoring itself.

Tomorrow, we’ll be on the road. I’m taking the new camera in the hope that something in the next 6 days will be worth a photo or two, but I’m not holding my breath, the weather’s a bit sordid. Anyway, I’ll post again when I get back.  Meanwhile, I’ll be eagerly reading your posts, so get cracking!

9 thoughts on “Words Under Pressure #17

  1. tialys says:

    See, I knew you missed Brixton 😉

  2. Lynda says:

    Beautiful prose, and I know exactly what you mean, Kate.

    Different remembrances, but the feeling is the same. I miss BIG mountains, the beach, the dessert and my friends. They were all so near to me in California.

  3. Nanette says:

    Hi Kate, saw your comment on Kitchen Gardens…..where in northern NSW are you visiting?……..I see the same low clouds sitting on the mountains…I’m in Murwillumbah….at least it’s cooler today. Enjoy your visit.

    • katechiconi says:

      I shall wave to you in Murwillumbah as we pass on Monday morning, on our way north again. Thick black clouds gathering over Dorrigo, so our visit is going to be a wet one!

      • Nanette says:

        I thought you might be Dorrigo way, rather than near here in the far north. Lots of cloud here but no rain, not on me anyway…I live quite close to Mt Warning and it seems to push the rain away. I shall listen for your wave.

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