Words Under Pressure #14

Today, it’s Words, not sewing, not gardening, not recipes… 

Hawk’s Lullaby

Come home, my bird,
Bend your strong wings
On the high, white air
And turn towards your nest.

Fold your hunter’s head
And close your light-pierced eye.
Your barred and dappled feathers
Settled, be at peace.

Rocked peacefully in the height
Of the wind-riding nest,
Sleep, dreaming always
Of tomorrow’s far-seen horizons.

The bold wide world is yours,
The limitless rumbling clouds
And tumbling wind.
And I am waiting.

Come home.


5 thoughts on “Words Under Pressure #14

  1. Now this is my favorite poem of yours. I hope you send your work out to journals/online poetry sites to be published. They are wonderful.

    • katechiconi says:

      No, I don’t send them out. It had never occurred to me that they might be good enough! I can publish them on my blog because it’s mine, and I’m allowed to show off there. Can you recommend any suitable destinations?

  2. Beautiful poem! You should indeed submit it but not sure where would be best.

    • katechiconi says:

      Thanks, and welcome to Chiconia! I have a whole wad of these poems and nothing to do with them except post them and listen to comments. Perhaps I should give the issue some proper attention…

  3. Tracey R says:

    Love this one.

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