The Tree of Life part 13, and I’m on a roll

Can’t stop, I’m on a roll here, and if I stop, my luck will change!

Trunk and 5 branches done, two to go. I’m sweaty, stressed, bleeding from multiple pin sticks, have a burned finger from the iron, and have broken my thread three times and a needle once, but I can DO this! It won’t be perfect, a complete ignoramus will be able to see the wobbly bits, but it Will.Be.Done. Which is sort of the point, isn’t it? Done is better than perfect. My favourite mantra.

Only the bottom right branch (still pinned) and the one above it (fused but not stitched) to go.

Only the bottom right branch (still pinned)
and the one above it (fused but not stitched) to go.

I looked at a number of options for applique thread colour, including the medium beige I used for the roots, but I wanted a crisper, more graphic outline for the branches. So I’ve used a medium dark brown. It does show up an awful lot more, of course, which means some of my more flamboyant mistakes are highly visible…

And if I ever show signs again of wanting to make a quilt with multiple long floppy bits on the bias that need to be appliqued down, will someone kindly have a quiet word…?

Next job is making all 60 leaves. And 5 birds. 2 flowers, 2 grape bunches, and a partridge in a pear tree. Ok, that last bit is an exaggeration.

Must get on. Dinner to cook and two more branches to do, not necessarily in that order, poor Husband.


7 thoughts on “The Tree of Life part 13, and I’m on a roll

  1. Trees are supposed to have wobbly bits! They are naturally that way.

  2. Careful placement of leaves will ensure finished perfection… along with 3 French Hens!

  3. katechiconi says:

    Not sure about hens in my tree (would infinitely prefer them in my back yard), but there will certainly be a number of turtledoves. I hope you’re right about the leaves. Only 60 (60!!) of them to attach.

  4. tialys says:

    Sounds like you will truly be able to say that blood, sweat and tears went into this quilt. Give it a good wash afterward!!

    • katechiconi says:

      Luckily I have managed to avoid dripping sweat or oozing blood all over it so far! And the mug of tea is never allowed anywhere near it. Still moderately pristine, despite the multiple handling.

  5. defensordelaverdad says:

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