The Cupboard of All Colours

I believe I may have alluded to this magical piece of furniture before….

It’s a huge American oak armoire, which I designed and asked my cabinetmaker brother-in-law to make for me. The shelves are cedar, and adjustable.  The thing weighs an absolute ton, and has to be dismantled to be moved anywhere, so it’s important to be really sure you want it somewhere!  Originally, it was my linen cupboard, and the cedar made the clean sheets and towels smell wonderful. But in this house, there is a built in, and far larger linen cupboard, so I was able to co-opt this for my fabric stash.   It’s not perfectly convenient where it is, since it blocks the light, and I have to move the easy chair from in front of it every time I want to open the door, but given the rather small space in which I conduct my quilting life, it does a fine job.

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAAnd now, I’m giving it the respect it deserves by commencing the operation of Sorting It Out.  This shows the progress I’ve made so far.  Still quite a lot of storage baskets to make, I think you’ll agree, but it’s a start.  The box containing the Tree of Life fabrics isn’t there, as it’s back out on my sewing table, waiting for me to extract the digit and get on with it.  I’m proud that my UFOs box is fairly small. I’m proud that my scraps storage only takes up one entire shelf. I’m proud that I’ve managed to reserve some space for garment sewing and bag making materials.  What I’m not so proud of is that there’s no space for my knitting/crochet bag, which you can see leaning against the side.  But that will come. Two nieces are asking for scrap quilts, lap size.  That should take care of some of it…

Today, I made the green and pink fabric baskets. And this afternoon, I shall start to plan and tackle the Dowager’s tapestry bag.  But first I need to go and spend my $10 voucher at Spotlight. I need more pink leads for my quilt marking propelling pencil. I need more batting joining tape. And I need more staples for my staple gun: I just reupholstered two of the Dowager’s dining room chairs, and now she wants the rest done.

The List isn’t looking much shorter


6 thoughts on “The Cupboard of All Colours

  1. tialys says:

    There’s nothing quite like having a sort out is there? On the rare occasions I get round to having one it makes me feel all virtuous and smug and having all your stuff neat, tidy and accessible makes for a more harmonious working environment. Then, I always swear that I will never, ever, let it get in a state again but, after a few weeks, the evil mess fairy comes in overnight and throws bits of thread on the floor, flings pieces of fabric around and makes scissors, seam rippers and tape measures disappear.

    • katechiconi says:

      They have evil mess fairies here too…. My sewing room is rather small, so I have to be pretty disciplined, or everything would disappear under a thick mulch of Stuff.

  2. And now I have cupboard envy!

  3. I don’t use the batting joining tape, I just sew a zigzag. Does the tape work?
    The fabric baskets are looking good!

    • katechiconi says:

      It sure does! It’s a very light webbing with glue on one side. About 1.5″ wide. You iron it on with a dry iron. It doesn’t create a lump and holds large pieces edge to edge with no problem. My local Spotlight doesn’t carry it, unfortunately.

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