Triple Trouble 12: we have lift-off

Announcing the departure of Flight 333, bound for the Netherlands…








The backing fabrics. Don’t you love those prints?

It’s my own personal Finish Up Friday.  The three baby quilts are done. Bound, labelled and ready to go.  All I have to do is go to the post office to send them on their way.  My three magic flying quilts…  It’s going to be fun seeing which niece gets which quilt, and whether there’s any correlation between personality and motif – but that’s a long term question. I wish these photos were better, but it’s lashing with rain outside, and getting dark.  Not a good place to hang the quilts on the line… So they’re hanging on my design wall, in my sewing room, with not very good lighting.  I’ll take some better ones in daylight for my gallery.

I’m getting faster at quiltmaking, without a doubt. I started these three on 20th December. In between, I had Christmas, a number of smaller projects, and hand sewing on the Car Quilt. The design process has always been the easy part for me, and the hard part has been working out fabric requirements or recalculating an existing pattern for a new size.  Practice is helping with that.  And I’m getting less anal about using all my fabric up.  Leftovers are OK. Leftovers make new quilts!  These three, while the white and backing fabrics are new purchases, were conceived after a rummage in my scrap box, a quick blast of inspiration from some of the beautiful paper pieced blocks I see fellow bloggers turning out, and a couple of minor rethinks because I didn’t have enough of something. My recycling was as follows:

Wervelwind: oranges from my first ever proper quilt, yellow from the quilt I made my Jindabyne nephew and his wife, yellow left over from the baby quilt I made for Donna’s little boy.

Vlucht: greens left over from Donna’s baby quilt, greens left over from my heirloom hexagon quilt, green from a couple of very unloved fat quarters which worked very well here and which would otherwise have probably been given away.

Komeet: lilac recycled from an old worn out nightie, pink paisley left over from the French Braid quilt I gave to Jen in London, two fat quarters I loved but couldn’t use anywhere else.

I’ve finally worked out what design I’m going to use for my other big quilt, the one that’s going to be the warmer winter one, with wool batting instead of cotton.  Heaven knows when I’ll be able to start it, but I now have the design in my head, I have more than enough fabric, and may even be able to make matching pillow cases (shams).  Still some thinking to do, but I’ll post with fabric choices soon…

And now, a sigh of relief. Time to clean my sewing machine and my sewing table, empty the thread bin, and start work on something else. The Tree of Life is waiting patiently for my attention….


17 thoughts on “Triple Trouble 12: we have lift-off

  1. alisonsye says:

    They are brilliant – lucky babies!

  2. Chris Matsche says:

    Beautiful job on these quilts. I am sure they will be loved forever.

  3. Lynda says:

    So lovely, Kate! I can’t wait to see the finish on the Tree of Life, and your plans for your own winter quilt. 🙂

  4. I do like those backing prints too.

  5. Nanette says:

    Beautiful Kate, well done on the quick finish. I didn’t realise they were flying off over the seas, I was imagining you holding tiny babies wrapped in them……..possibly bigger babies wrapped in them?

    • katechiconi says:

      The babies are due in April, so I wanted to be sure there was time to get the quilts done and get them posted to the Netherlands before the triplets arrive. Plus, doing three was a little unexpected and has put back my schedule for everything else, so I had to get a move on! The quilts are big enough that they can still be sleeping under them when they’re 2 or 3, so time enough to plan a trip to visit!

  6. I love them individually and as a set. Awesome job.

  7. Jen Gardener says:

    Wow! Love the names! I like Komeet the best too but they’re all beautiful.

  8. […] normally consider, but which work together somehow. The white sashing is scrap left over from the Triple Trouble quilts. Hopefully I’ll have enough, but if not, I’ll just need a bit of […]

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