Words under Pressure #12


He walks in thunder, the sea god,
Wave piercer, wave dancer, in rainbow clouds.
Before him, the wrinkled, endless sea,
Behind him, the waterspout.

Look  how the scented tropic air
Is wrenched and chilled by his power.
Zephyrs shriek and howl
At their lord’s passing.

See how in his white wake
The night stars writhe and dance,
Made mirage by the heat
Of his oblivious passage.

But the fish do not fear him,
Though they part and dive before him.
Wave Dancer walks gently
On the roof of their world.


4 thoughts on “Words under Pressure #12

  1. cecilia says:

    The roof of their world, I like that.. you love the sea I think.. c

  2. This is a perfect poem. I particularly adore how it comes alive with movement words that you’ve made magical.

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