Triple Trouble 8: what lies beneath

I’ve had a successful shopping trip.

Once again, the Husband was called into service as pack pony, a duty he performs unflinchingly, and with an increasing degree of knowledge and interest. Waiting in the queue to have my batting and background fabrics cut, he enquired whether I needed new blades for my rotary cutter. Gasp! As it happened, I didn’t, but never one to look a gift horse in the mouth, I got another one…

The orange one, with its backing fabric and matching bib

The orange one, with its backing fabric
and matching bib

The green bib is fairly vivid, but it's the right colour to match some of the geese

The green bib is fairly vivid, but it’s the right colour
to match some of the geese

Pity I couldn't get a lilac bib, but this blue is the same shade as the fabric in the star

Pity I couldn’t get a lilac bib, but this blue
is the same shade as the fabric in the star

So, I now have the backing fabrics for all three baby quilts. And while I was in the supermarket later on, I spotted a pack of 5 baby bibs in bright colours, including the ones I wanted, so I snaffled that too. The green and yellow are perfect, but unfortunately the supermarket lighting made me think there was a lilac one as well, which turned out to be a slightly sad pale blue. So I’m going with a deeper blue instead, which does actually feature in one of the lilac quilt fabrics. I’m going to apply a little motif to the corner of each bib: a square for the orange one, a triangle for the green one and a diamond for the lilac one.

Don’t you love the fabrics for the backs? I originally thought about a spot for all three, but I couldn’t resist the lilac chevrons, and then it was obvious I needed a different pattern for the orange too, hence the stripe.  My cotton batting is  hanging on the line to shake out the creases and let the sun bake some of the chemical smell out of it before I have to work with it. I should hopefully have enough of each fabric to bind as well except for maybe the lilac, as they didn’t have quite as much left on the bolt.

Because I don’t know the names for the babies, I’m not following my normal practice in labelling them, which is to put the quilt name, the recipient’s name, the date and then my name.  So the quilt names, date and my name will have to do. The triplets belong to my Dutch family, and therefore the quilts will be named and labelled in Dutch. The orange one is Wervelwind (whirlwind), the green one is Vlucht (flight) and the lilac one is Komeet (comet, or shooting star). I shall leave it to the parents to decide who gets which, once they are old enough to have their own sleeping quarters. I’m told that for the first short while they all must sleep together so they don’t get lonely after being so close together for 9 months!

I’ve been making a list of all the projects I want to finish up and begin this year. I don’t know that I’ll get everything done, but the only way to find out is to make a start! So far, I’ve got 14 projects, which is slightly more than one a month. Given that some of them are quite substantial quilts, that’s going it a bit… There’s nothing like a bit of peer pressure to make me knuckle down and do some work!

That’s it for today. I have to do a bit of work on the Survival Kit back. And take a look at the Dowager’s tapestry handbag. And press the baby quilt fabrics. And make another storage basket or two….

Good job the Husband is at work tonight, eh?


3 thoughts on “Triple Trouble 8: what lies beneath

  1. Ashley says:

    Hahahaha, this sounds a bit like me! Great job finding all these fabrics and the matching bibs. Adorable! I can’t believe you can do 14 projects in one month – more power to ya, lady! I can’t wait to see them all finished.

  2. I think we all have the never-ending projects list. You might have 14 now, but as soon as you cross one off as done, you will think up another to add.
    Great fabric choices.

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