A tisket, a tasket, another storage basket

I’m having to conclude it’s a bit addictive…

Red basket, completed and already put to good use

Red basket, completed and already put to good use

The red one is done. And along the way, I wrote it up and took photos as a tutorial for a friend who wanted to know how to make one, as she’d seen mine on the blog.  So it took rather longer than normal.  Still to go: green, pink, neutral, black & white, and multicolour.  But first I’ll need some more batting scraps, as I’ve now finished up every bit I had.  Which means back to proper quilt making…

Next on the agenda is the quilt sandwich for the Triple Trouble quilts.  Batting, backing, and a decision about what to bind them with.  Not too hard.  But it will produce some nice scrap batting.

The bits completed so far. The front's nearly done, but there's plenty to do on the back panel...

The bits completed so far. The front’s nearly done, but there’s plenty to do on the back panel…

Pocket detail. I have to nip in the corners of the pockets with depth, to stop them sagging.

Pocket detail. I have to nip in the corners of the pockets with depth, to stop them sagging.

I spent a lot of time last night on the Survival Kit bag front. Until you sit down and analyse how to construct something like that, and realise that all sorts of things have to be sewn onto the front before you can sew that to the back, it seems like a simple thing to do. Not…. But anyway, here’s the work in progress.

I’m liking how it looks: the blue and white is nice and crisp, and the eagle eyed among you will notice that I’m recycling the scraps from the stripy handbag for the handles on this one.  I’m going to round off the corners slightly to make the zipper run a bit more smoothly (ah yes, the zipper, a problem still to be overcome). The Husband is already making noises about wanting one for himself, but with a kindle pocket instead of a sewing kit pocket, and not in that girly flowery fabric, please. I could do him a nice bright pink geometric… that’s not floral.  Snigger…. Anyway, I suspect shades of brown or green or neutrals, or maybe even grey and white will be the go.

It was rather a quiet night in Chiconia last night, and I spent it in the company of my various sewing projects. I could hear various  neighbours seeing in the New Year while I revved up the sewing machine. But on the whole, I ‘d rather be contentedly solitary than spending hours in the company of people I don’t know that well, talking about safe and trivial subjects and being offered drinks I don’t want and can’t have.  It’s just another night, and a slightly different number on the calendar.

I heard today from a friend that her sister-in-law, for whom I made the Sydney Swans quilt you can see in my Chiconian Quilts gallery, now wants a Bulldogs quilt too, in blue and white, complete with logo. She wants to know if I can do it. Well, sure, but when, is the burning question….

That’s it for today. More tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “A tisket, a tasket, another storage basket

  1. Those storage baskets are popping up all over the place. Yours is beautiful! Maybe I should stop avoiding the three dimensional items, and just go try to make one (I’m usually much more comfortable with sewing in the 2D world of quilts and wall hangings.) By the way, definitely go with bright pink geometric… hee hee!!!

    • katechiconi says:

      The baskets are very easy, and very satisfying, I definitely recommend you give one a try. For all the sewing table clutter of scissors and measuring tape and boxes of pins, if nothing else. I think, though, I’ll have mercy on my very nice Husband, and give him something a little less confronting!

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