Footling about

Well, if not exactly footling, then certainly faffing. Or something.

Whatever the correct word is, I have been wasting my time prettily. I now have a tidy work room, I have hung a couple of certificates that have been here a year and had never made it past a stack in the corner. I have put up a hook for the beautiful Monet calendar the Dowager gave me for Christmas. I have put away the wobbling stack of fat quarters and fat eighths which had been growing in the corner of my desk. I have nobbled a shoe box from the Husband to contain them – he got new boots for Christmas. I haven’t got quite fancy enough to cover it with fabric, or put pretty labels on it, or anything like that… What I have done is this:

Navy and white stripes, navy with a tiny white spot, and a spiffy bow tie.

Navy and white stripes, navy with a tiny white spot, and a spiffy bow tie.


Inside lined with this bold green, black and white print.
I had just enough left over to make a long divided pocket.

I was feeling all sort of iffy about starting back in on either the Tree of Life or the three baby quilts. I needed something small that would produce instant results. Well, almost instant. I was enjoying the last bag I made and thought, well, why not another one? So I went for something completely different. It’s cute, eh?  Pockets inside for pen, phone and keys. For the lining, I used up a fat quarter which I’ve never been able to find a use for, as it was so bright and graphic.  It works just fine here! The design is by Tuula Hepola  of Ottobre Design in Finland, and I downloaded the pattern from the Quilt Inspiration free pattern archive in the purses and handbags section.

I’m a bit peeved, because the automatic threader on my sewing machine has stopped working. The tiny hooky thing no longer lines up with the eye of the needle.  I have to go old school and do it by hand, and my eyesight is not what it was.  The poor machine needs a service anyway, but I keep finding projects to use it for, so the service keeps getting deferred.  One day there’ll be a dreadful noise, everything will stop and then I’ll be forced to send it to hospital for a nice rest in a darkened workshop.

I also got cracking on the Car Quilt last night. All the final pieces are laid out on the rug in the living room, and I just have to keep churning out the hexagon flowers. The central section is going to end up about 34 x 36″. After that, I’ll have a narrow navy border, and then I’ll piece additional borders from the larger pieces I have of the same fabrics used for the hexies. Haven’t quite decided how that’s going to look. Maybe strip piecing, so it has a striped border all round, mitred at the corners, and probably bound in navy too. I shall wait for the quilt to tell me what it wants.

We’re making inroads into the leftovers. I’ll know for next year to plan what I think we should have, and then take a third of it away. Except the chocolate mousse. We’ll keep that at the original quantity, thanks very much.  It’s so easy, so rich, so moreish. Only three ingredients. Here you go:

1 jar of Nutella
2/3 of the volume of Nutella in heavy cream
1/3 the volume of Nutella in unsweetened Greek yoghurt.

Bring the Nutella to room temperature if you store it chilled. Beat the cream till it forms stiff peaks. Put the Nutella in a bowl. Add the cream and yoghurt and fold together gently until everything is completely blended. Be gentle, to keep the air in the cream. Once it’s combined, either pour into individual serving dishes or one large one, and refrigerate. It will firm up in the fridge. Be warned, the human body is not designed to cope with more than about 150g/5oz of this in one serving. Over-indulge at your own risk. Oh, and you can add a couple of tablespoons of hazelnut liqueur if you like to live dangerously.

Tomorrow, I promise faithfully to get back to proper projects.  Probably.

8 thoughts on “Footling about

  1. Jen Gardener says:

    Wow, I wish my footling/faffing was that productive! Love the bag!

  2. Ashley says:

    I am adding bags to my list of to-dos in 2014. Love yours!!!

    • katechiconi says:

      Thanks! It only took a couple of hours. I’ve just bought the magnetic clasp which will stop it gaping between the handles when it’s filled. And some more handles, and some heavier weight interfacing. So I think I’ll be making some more bags too!

  3. Love the bag!
    And I love the Nutella recipe. It makes me remember the Christmas we spent in France. On Christmas Day in a Catholic country, the only spot open for lunch was a creperie owned by a lovely Moslem family. We ate Nutella and banana crepes until our tummies hurt.

  4. katechiconi says:

    Sounds wonderful… And see what a memorable Christmas it made!

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