Lots done, little to show…

It’s been a busy day.

Many pre-Christmas tasks done, nothing much to show for it. Cleaning windows, sweeping the patio, putting handles on doors, getting the final groceries. That sort of fun stuff.  All things that need to be done but which don’t make particularly fascinating words or pictures!

One brag photo: the Car Quilt is now substantially larger.

The Car Quilt, growing fast. It must be all that stitching while I'm watching TV

The Car Quilt, growing fast. It must be all that stitching while I’m watching TV

I’ve been baking: mince pies, Christmas spiced cookies.  Tomorrow I have to tackle the ham, chicken, pork and beef. And make the chocolate mousse. And the sherry trifle.  Maybe I’ll have time to take some photos, or even do some sewing… yeah, right!

It’s getting excitingly close to Christmas now!


5 thoughts on “Lots done, little to show…

  1. Quilt looks lovely! Hope it’s not TOO hot for all that cooking – strong winds and heavy rain here… no dog walk today!

    • katechiconi says:

      Hot weather, but a pleasant breeze except in the hottest part of the day. We’re going to work outside early in the morning, and then come in and cook in the air conditioning!

  2. Tracey R says:

    Merry Christmas Mrs C !!!

  3. hydeeann says:

    wow! nice work. maybe I need to watch more tv so I can get more epp done. =)

    thank you for the comment on my Christmas post. I like your idea of gifting humanitarian donations. it’s one I’ve considered before. with so many small children in the house, I haven’t found the right way to do it at home yet. but I’m sure it’ll be something I do when they are older! it’s a great idea.

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