Triple Trouble 3

This one was a lot easier.

Circle of Geese

Circle of Geese.
The colours are a bit brighter in real life; the flash washes out the image.
And the green geese at left and right aren’t as blue as they look here.

I know a bit more what I’m doing, so I don’t have the blank moment of wondering what to do next at each step. This block went a lot faster, despite having to cut more fabric – the process theoretically uses up scraps but in fact I had to use fairly generously sized pieces because I was working sort of back to front, upside down, and I couldn’t mentally flip the shapes! Confusion reigns, but the work gets done. I like this green one. At 12″ square, it’s a bit bigger than the other two, which are 10″ square.

I’m beginning to have a few ideas about taking the colour story further into the quilt, but without making a long winded production of it. Let’s see if I can explain clearly enough. Each of these blocks is in ‘motion’. They’re rotating, swirling, turning, whatever. I think it might look interesting if I scatter small blocks of matching colour across the face of the quilt as though they’d been flung or shaken off the whirling motif. Different sizes, scraps of the same colour used for the main motif, randomly scattered.

I’d be interested to know what you think of the idea.  To scatter, or to keep it plain and simple?  Tell me what you think!

I’m fairly weary this evening: we assembled most of a steel panel garden shed today, just a small one, but with the typical inscrutable instructions that you get with anything you have to put together yourself. I’m pretty good at Ikea furniture, but sheds are a bit out of my comfort zone. Still, it’s up, and done except for assembling and installing the door. Tonight I shall relax in front of the telly, watching Carols by Candlelight from The Domain in Sydney, with a big bowl of home made curried pumpkin soup in front of me! The Husband is out on the road heading home, having delivered his 51,000 litres of diesel. He won’t be home till 10pm or so, so I can do some more sewing on the Car Quilt.  Quite a large piece done now – I shall have to show you progress soon.

Outside fabric

Outside fabric

Inside fabric, plus two pockets for the things that always migrate to the bottom

Inside fabric, plus two pockets for the things that always migrate to the bottom

And I’ve made myself a soft fabric bag, reversible, with stripes on the outside and toning floral inside. It’s from a pattern by Novita Estiti at Very Purple Person, and it’s fairly easy apart from the bit where you have to turn the whole thing inside out through the handle! Still, it worked… eventually! She has some nice bag designs, and this one was simple enough for my tired brain and sore joints.

So, that’s been my day. What’s new in your world?


5 thoughts on “Triple Trouble 3

  1. I like the background print with the greens!
    I found this tutorial really helpful when flipping shapes and minimising wastage:
    Scatter! Centrifugal force!

  2. wombatquilts says:

    I love the idea of scattered geese. I also love the use of just one colour for the actual geese triangles. It has such impact.

    • katechiconi says:

      Thank you, high praise from the queen of paper piecing! I’m having fun with it now after I got over my initial terror. I know I’m doing it wrong, but the results are OK, so I’ll stick with what works for me.

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