Triple Trouble

My nephew’s wife is expecting triplets in April, siblings for the beautiful Anna.

Anna's Garden. A quilt/playmat for my great-niece.

Anna’s Garden.
A quilt/playmat for my great-niece.

At this point, we don’t know if they’re all boys, all girls, or a mixture, and how many of each! Nor will we, for some time – assuming their parents want to find out in advance. I made a quilt for Anna, and I’ve promised baby quilts for the trio. It shall be done. Don’t you love how many words there are for three: Three, Trio, Triple, Treble, Triad, Trinity, Threesome? I suspect that in the fulness of time, they may become known as the Unholy Trinity, but for now, we reserve judgement. My nephew is referring to them as the Triathletes, so I’m assuming they’re active in their rather confined quarters – plenty of room for one, but tight for three. Poor Suzanne…

Anyway, to quilting matters. I am in the middle of a big project, a small project and several others queuing up. So I didn’t want to do anything too complicated or time consuming. Also, their mother is a modern young woman who would not appreciate dull colours, fussy design or ‘look how clever I am’ piecing. These babies are going to receive clean, simple, pale quilts with single brightly coloured elements and not too much quilting, which will make them stiff. So, I’ve decided they’ll be white or very, very pale grey for the most part. Each will have a single pieced block, offset, and in bright colours. One will be orange/yellow, one will be lilac, and one will be green. And because I simply cannot stop challenging myself, these  3 blocks will be paper/foundation pieced, which I’ve never done before. I’ve selected three beautiful designs, from the selection the lovely Cath at Wombat Quilts has kindly made available free on her blog, which you can find here:

One is called  A Circle of Geese, one is Rolling Star and one is Zeppelin. They’re hopefully going to be reasonably simple, but I chose them because I like the way they look rather than because I think they’ll be easy to make.  Here’s work in progress:

Three different motifs, three different colours

Three different motifs, three different colours

That’s it for now. 

4 thoughts on “Triple Trouble

  1. Lovely – quilt tangrams!

  2. Anlina says:

    Triplets, aaarrgghhh! How exciting and terrifying at the same time. Talk about an instant family… I hope the mum is in the cooler part of the world as I would hate to be carrying three in this heat!

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