Tree of Life part 8: Growing the Tree

I’ve cracked the problem.

How I did it

How I did it

The top half. Ruler shows scale.  It's big, isn't it?

The top half. Ruler shows scale. It’s big, isn’t it?

It’s old school, labour intensive and uses a fair bit of paper, but I’m making a full size template, scaled up from a grid I drew over the design drawing.  One half inch square on the drawing = a three and a half inch square on the paper. To keep things under control and the size manageable, I’m doing it in two halves: 1) trunk and branches, and 2) trunk and roots. Here’s work in progress.

In position on the background: detail

In position on the background: detail

Tomorrow, I'll do the lower halfof the trunk and the roots.

Tomorrow, I’ll do the lower half
of the trunk and the roots.

Once the templates are completed, I can start dividing them into easy sections, lay them out and assess how large an area of strip piecing I need.  What I want to do is get straight onto the cutting mat and start putting the strips together. What I’m going to do is get the template finished before I allow myself to pick up the rotary cutter and bring out the mat. Who knew this quilt was going to be such an exercise in self control and discipline…?

One of the eight chairs

One of the eight chairs

Also on the menu today was finishing the reupholstery of the dining chairs.  Remember those 12 people I’ve got coming for lunch on Christmas Day?  At present, I can only seat a quarter of them, so this is urgent.  And boring, which is why I’ve been putting it off. But it’s done now. 8 chairs redone, mended (they were very wobbly) and ready. Not perfect, but done. It’s a nice linen blend, but out of the bargain box at Spotlight, so I was able to do all 8 for about $6.

I didn’t get out into the garden today as I’d hoped.  The latest corner  to be developed has a thick layer of compost on it, which I’ve watered well so that the moisture seeps down to the hard, compacted layer underneath, and stays there for a bit to soften it up.  I’m supposed to be getting out there with my fork, and turning the soil over to at least a fork’s depth, mixing the poor soil and the compost to open up the structure.  The whole area’s been flooded so often that the soil is very poor, all nutrients leached out, and it’s slightly acidic.  Hopefully by improving the soil structure, and thickly mulching anything planted in that area, I’ll aid drainage when the Wet comes, and we won’t have standing water, or at least, not for long.  The banana tree I planted in that corner is about twice the size it was, and it’ll help take up excess moisture too.

I did find time to make soup and bickies though. Recipes I’ve posted before: peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies, and roasted tomato soup.  Yes, I know it’s boiling hot and soup might not be considered the most appropriate food, but the Husband loves soup, it’s easy, and because it’s home made I know he’s not getting stuck into some foul greasy fast food somewhere…

OK, I think that’s it for now.  Tomorrow and Tuesday are work days, so I won’t have much progress to report on the Tree.  I expect, though, that knowing me, I’ll find something to natter about.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend

2 thoughts on “Tree of Life part 8: Growing the Tree

  1. Ashley says:

    This is going to be amazing. I love the concept – it’s going to be stunning!

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