Tree of Life part 7: Denizens of the Deep

Or in slightly less posh terms, Fish.  They’re done, all 4 of them.

Yesterday's fish

Yesterday’s fish


Today’s fish

Today's fish, detail

Today’s fish, detail

In position on the background

In position on the background

In a week where I’ve also done some fairly heavy lifting in the garden, laid a load of new patio paving (see my previous post), bought, written and posted the Christmas cards for both of our very extended families, baked pies, made cheesecake, soup and bread, and hung the solar fairy lights in the patio, I’m congratulating myself at getting any more work done on this quilt at all.  It was fiddly, and now it’s done.

Next step is to start strip piecing various shades of brown, beige, rust and olive for the trunk of the tree and branches, which is going to look much, much nicer than a flat solid colour.  Once that’s done, I have to (important drum roll, please) make the tree template.  Oh help… I’ve got a dreadful feeling I’m going to end  up cutting up my design drawing into squares which represent the background 9 blocks, and literally drawing onto each square of the background the lines of the tree branches. Then I’d have to trace off that to make a paper template to lay over the strip pieced tree trunk fabric.  Anyone out there got any better suggestions, bearing in mind that I don’t have an enlarging photocopier?

At this point I’m feeling so intimidated by the sheer amount of work which still needs to be done that I can’t get enough distance on the problem to search logically and intelligently for a solution.

Anyway, enough whimpering. I sound like some wet creature who can’t cope with problems she created for herself!  I’m off to the kitchen to make fish laksa with a nice fresh Basa fillet.  The fish theme continues, apparently…

8 thoughts on “Tree of Life part 7: Denizens of the Deep

  1. Sarah says:

    I love your fish! And what a crazy productive week you’ve had! If your tree is going to be appliqued on why not piece together your fabrics and then draw your tree on paper (or directly on the fabric block if you’re very confident) to make a template and then cut that directly out of the big piece of fabric?

    • katechiconi says:

      That’s more or less what I’m going to do, except that I want the tree to fill the space like it does in my drawing, so I have to find a way to blow up the drawing to the same scale as the background! I’ll get there in the end… Thanks so much for the suggestion!

  2. LOVE THE FISH. You can do it. As Dory in Finding Nemo says, “Just keep swimming!”

    • katechiconi says:

      Yup. He’s an inspiration, that little fish…. But I know that today I’ll be scrabbling for excuses not to go and sew. Got a good one: I have to make my Christmas cake!

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