Tree of Life part 3: Sea and sky

The background is done.  All 324 pieces of it. Surprisingly few mismatched seams – for me, that is – nothing over 1/8″ off.

Tree of Life background: Sea and Sky completed

Tree of Life background:
Sea and Sky completed

I’ve also been lucky enough to locate 2 inch bias tape in red, which is what I want for the circle that encloses the tree.  I had visions of hours standing first at the cutting mat and then at the ironing board, making it myself.  Life is too short, so I went shopping.  It’s nice stuff, good quality cotton, and I’m happy to use it.  Hopefully it’ll go smoothly round the curve I’ll be drawing. If not, it’s going to be think-again time. Perhaps two circles of narrower bias tape, one inside the other?  This is where you start learning stuff – by designing something you don’t know how to make.  Maybe I’ll learn I wasted my money on the tape. Maybe it’ll work like a dream.  I’ll keep you posted.  If all else fails, I’ll have to make a template of a quarter of the circle, divide it into segments and piece a circle from those.  Lots more work, lots of potential wonkiness…

So, the circle’s the next thing. I have to find a nice flat, hard surface to tape the background to, then get a piece of string the length of the radius of the circle I want to end up with, tie a pencil to one end and put a pin through the other. Pin through the centre, stretch out the string, start drawing the circle.  Lightly, in pencil, checking as I go that the circle is, well, circular and things aren’t moving about.  Since I don’t have floor space of the right size I’ll have to think what to do.

Later: the Husband has proved his worth once again.  He asked why I didn’t do half at a time.  Unfortunately, by the time he asked, both halves were sewn together, and I’m not ripping it out. However, we do have sufficient floor space to draw half the circle, if we fold the background in half and lay it out in the kitchen.  Hmmm. Better go and inspect the state of the floor.

Off to fetch the broom and dustpan


14 thoughts on “Tree of Life part 3: Sea and sky

  1. That will be a grand quilt… It already does look grand!

  2. Really enjoying see this coming together… it really is lovely

    • katechiconi says:

      This evening I have to take it down, fold it in half, tape it to the kitchen floor, stick a pin through the centre, and use that to anchor my string and pencil so I can draw the big circle. I have no idea what I’m doing… breaking new ground here, especially with the next phase, all the applique. But I’m not going to stop designing things I don’t know how to make, because otherwise how will I learn?

  3. Tracey R says:

    Looking good. Love those colours. Miss you

  4. Sarah says:

    Beautiful! I love how the different squares blend together. It’s a lovely effect.

  5. katechiconi says:

    Thank you! I had to work hard at not over-engineering it; the temptation to fiddle with the position of all the squares was almost overwhelming, but I’m glad I left it just as I first laid it out.

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