There may be trouble ahead…

… if this cloud is anything to go by.

Thundercloud at dusk

Thundercloud at dusk

Isn’t it fabulous?  The light was fading fast, so the other three I took were unusable, but this one captured the last, dying light of the sun on the edge of that big white thundercloud.  There have been rumblings and big black clouds all day but tonight’s show was super dramatic.  I ask you, grey and black and PINK…

The sea rises! On the design wall, waiting to be sewn together. The pieces are 4" squares, finished size will be 3.5".

The sea rises! On the design wall, waiting to be sewn together.
The pieces are 4″ squares, finished size will be 3.5″.

On a lighter note, I’ve managed to get the Sea section of the Tree of Life quilt set out on my design wall.  I thought a photo was a good idea in case they all fall down overnight. It’s happened before, and I’m never as happy with it the second time round.  I just walked up and down the rows with all the colours on a tray, and dipped and placed and dipped and placed.  I think I probably repositioned about 4 squares at the end of the process, and that’s it.  I’m not going to over-engineer this quilt.  It’s coming from instinct, and that’s the domain in which I will leave it.

It’s been a hot, hot day at work, 32C/95F, and guess what, no aircon in my office.  The fan just pushes the hot air around.  Not a breath of wind until it was time to go home, at which point, of course, a breeze blew up.  But just to look on the bright side, I don’t have to go back there this week.  Next working day is Monday next week.  By which time, all sorts of excitement will have happened in my sewing room…

Until tomorrow, my friends.


5 thoughts on “There may be trouble ahead…

  1. Lovely colours… the cloud and the quilt!

  2. Great post. That’s one nice quilt!

  3. nsturgill says:

    Beautiful! I am imaging a wonderful batik!

    • katechiconi says:

      Wouldn’t that be beautiful. Actually, I looked at the photo yesterday, and wondered what would happen if I enlarged it enormously, pixelated it, and made a postage stamp quilt based on that. Why is life so short and projects so many, and why do I have to do anything other than make quilts. And have fun in the kitchen. And work in my garden. And, and, and. Well, there you are….

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