Words under Pressure #6

So many of you are heading into the heart of winter, pulling out your warm clothing, putting on boots and coats to go outside. Here, we’re sweltering in hot, hot days and miserably high humidity.  It makes me a little nostalgic for being too cold, and being able to pile on the woollens!

Selfish Joys

Ah, the deep, rich, velvet comfort
Of old red flannel pyjamas
And oh, the pink-cheeked bliss
Of hot chocolate and fleecy socks.

The outrageous pleasure of a whole sofa,
Cushions, fresh coffee, a new book, and peace.
The happy hedonism of others’ cooking.
The acute rightness of a well-considered gift.

Yes, and waking warm, with sun on eyelids.
With grilling bacon in the hungry nose.
And gale-blown air in office lungs,
And the heart as high as heaven.


4 thoughts on “Words under Pressure #6

  1. bronxboy55 says:

    “…waking warm, with sun on eyelids…”

    “…gale-blown air in office lungs…”

    Beautifully written. I know you must have worked hard to make that look so easy.

    • katechiconi says:

      It’s odd, but most of them emerge fairly complete, just requiring tweaks. I find that if I over-work them, they start to look laboured. And yes, I do talk about them as if they have a life of their own! It’s sort of why the series is called Words Under Pressure. They WANT to come out. Thank you for visiting and finding something to Like!

  2. Sarah says:

    Hi! You stopped by my blog and now I’ve gotten completely caught up in reading all your posts. It’s always super interesting to read people’s blogs that are literally on the other side of the world. As you say above, we’re hunkering down into some cold days, hoping for a snowy white Christmas, and it’s hot and tropical where you are. I’m looking forward to your tree of life quilt project. It’s looks really challenging, but like it will be simply gorgeous when finished.

    • katechiconi says:

      Thank you for visiting, and spending so much time in Chiconia! I read the blogs of people in Europe and North America, and find myself longing for a nice cold day, which just doesn’t happen here. It never freezes here. Never even gets close. Christmas will be the antithesis of white. I’m glad you like the look of the Tree of Life. I was fairly appalled at what I’d done when I stopped to think about HOW I was actually going to make it. Still, so long as I don’t procrastinate too long, I should get there. I have to, I have a birthday deadline to meet. And I have three baby quilts to make for April – my nephew’s wife is expecting triplets!

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