The baby is growing…

Car Quilt has got a bit larger since my last post…

A flower in each colour, and a bunch of fillers for when it grows

A flower in each colour, and a bunch of fillers for when it grows

Close up to show you the colours more clearly. They're actually prettier and cleaner than they look here.

Close up to show you the colours more clearly. They’re actually prettier and much brighter than they look here.

There’s a flower for each fabric colour now, and plenty of ‘filler’ hexies; I’m spacing the hexie flowers with a neutral, which will make my jelly roll go further, and makes the overall effect lighter.  I’m loving the fabrics; they’re a bit heavy and thickly printed, so creating crisp edges on the hexagons is slightly challenging, but once put together, the jewelled effect is lovely. The photos aren’t necessarily the final placement, but give you an idea of what it might eventually look like. I’ve run out of papers on this trip, so I think I’ll have to start sewing spacers and flowers together on the final leg of the journey tomorrow, otherwise I’ll have nothing to do with my hands on the whole long, dreary trip north, all 9 hours of it.

My Car Quilt travel sewing kit

My Car Quilt travel sewing kit

The brilliant white light from my LED portable folding work lamp

The brilliant white light from my LED portable folding work lamp

My travel sewing kit has been fine, but I need to make a case for everything instead of a series of boxes.  I want a tiny, tiny fold out/fold up sewing case with space for a couple of spools or bobbins of thread, some needles, my tiny scissors, my thimble (which I’ve missed badly on this trip) and maybe a supply of hexie papers or finished hexagons that need stitching together.

I also want a larger outer bag which will also take my work light (rechargeable, fold up, LED, absolutely brilliant) and the cut squares I’m making the hexies from.  I have to have a think about the most efficient layout and economical use of space.  And now that the blog is such a feature of my quilting life, perhaps my laptop and camera should come along too.   OK, maybe now it’s getting a bit silly… I’ll be wanting my sewing machine next!  Not, of course, since this is supposed to be my PORTABLE sewing project.

Tonight’s the concert at the Queensland Performing Arts Centre.  I’m so looking forward to it: The Last Night of the Proms.  It’s based on the traditional English Promenade Concerts which take place in the run up to Christmas, and are performed in the Royal Albert Hall in London.  The Last Night of the Proms has a programme largely based on the same pieces each year, with audience participation, orchestra dressing up, and the conductor conducting the audience.  We all get to sing along, dance and generally have the sort of fun not normally associated with classical music. Now QPAC are running the same thing, and I couldn’t resist the chance, even if it did mean a very long journey to do so. The Husband is willing to give it a try, but it wouldn’t normally be his cup of tea, so I’m very grateful!

I haven’t forgotten that I meant to post photos of the Magpie quilt and its companion in use. Stupidly, I forgot to take my camera with me that evening, and they’re on my phone, but I don’t have the download cable with me, so it’ll have to wait till I get back in a day or two.

What’s new in your work basket?


4 thoughts on “The baby is growing…

  1. Well, I knew what fat quarters were, but I had to Google jelly rolls… long time since I’ve done any patchwork. Your car quilt looks lovely so far

  2. katechiconi says:

    Like any activity, quilting has its jargon. One forgets that the whole world is not intimately acquainted with the slang. Particularly the Husband, who occasionally looks at me with a slightly bemused expression and asks if he can have that again in English…?

  3. wombatquilts says:

    I really love the layout you are using with your hexies. The addition of the extra neutral blocks give the patterned flowers room to breath. Wish I had thought of that before I started putting my hexies together.

    • katechiconi says:

      Thank you so much! I felt the colours and pattern were so strong that they needed a bit of air around them to calm everything down. Plus, of course, it has the advantage of making the jelly roll stretch much further!

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