Go the Pies: done in 10

It’s officially a record. This is the fastest quilt I’ve ever produced. I started it and did my first post about it on October 31.

Sandwiched, pinned and stabilised

Sandwiched, pinned and stabilised

Yesterday morning, I was at this point. It was fully pinned, and I’d stabilised it by doing the long central lines on both axes of the diagonal. Lots of quilt wresting, rolling, swearing, sweating (it was a bloody hot day), but I’d made visible forward progress.

All that's left of half a kilometre of thread

All that’s left of half a kilometre of thread

By 4pm yesterday I was here. I’d used up two entire 250m spools of Gutermann 100% cotton, not a single breakage, and all I had left was what was on the bobbin. Not bad going. I still have some good scraps, of course, which will be featuring elsewhere, and enough to make a mystery gift for Tracey to go with her quilt. Happy early Birthday, my lovely! I’m really looking forward to seeing you next week.

My portable hand sewing kit. The round thing at the front is my handmade needlecase, and the scissors are only the length of my thumb

My portable hand sewing kit. The round thing at the front is my handmade needlecase, and the scissors are only the length of my thumb

So then it was time for this. I actually enjoy the process of hand sewing the binding. I’m doing tidy mitred corners, it all went on nice and smoothly. I find a walking foot’s by far the easiest way to make sure that the 5 layers you’re sewing together (backing, batting, top, two layers of binding) behave themselves. I’ve marked a clear quarter inch on the foot itself, and just make sure the fabric runs along that line. I couldn’t finish the hand sewing last night, we were going out for dinner for a family birthday, but got straight down to it after I’d waved the Husband off to work at 7am this morning.

The back, showing a ghostly echo of the magpie and feathers

The back, showing a ghostly echo of the magpie and feathers

And now it’s done.  I’m liking the ‘ghostly’ back, even if my quilting does look like Etch-a-Sketch drawings, and there are several fairly wonky lines. After all, as every quilter knows, Done is better than Perfect.

The finished front

The finished front

I even managed the outline quilting of the Magpie and the feathers with my walking foot. Slooow. Stitch stitch stitch stop raise foot turn a fraction lower foot stitch stitch stitch repeat ad infinitum… But I wasn’t prepared to expose myself to ridicule by attempting FMQ for these important features of the quilt. LOTS more practice needed before I’m ready for that. I should probably consider a range of place mats for the table for my FMQ samplers.

So I’ve cleaned my machine, the table, the floor and my desk. The machine actually has its cover on. The ironing board is put away and I’m about to sort the scraps and put them away. Does a quilter really use this sewing room? It looks awfully bare. No, not bare. Just ready for the next one!

Till then, or till the next recipe, photo or poem.

7 thoughts on “Go the Pies: done in 10

  1. Tracey R says:

    Stunning! Love the feathers. Looking forward to seeing
    you this week. x x x

    • katechiconi says:

      Thanks, BR. I like to see that I can still perform under pressure! Happy with the design, would be happier if the quilting was a little less wonky, but my friend will love it anyway…

  2. Tracey R says:

    You are sooooo right. Your friend will love it no matter what because her friend made it .x x x

  3. What a beautiful quilt! I wish I had inherited your skills xx

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