Words under pressure #5

I have procrastinated too long and have no quilting progress to show you, nor recipes to share. The garden is enjoying a cool change as the temperature is only in the high 20s.  So I am giving you some words. Rest assured, they are not at all applicable to my life as it is now!

The Letter

The letter sailed in the darkness
Between you and me.
A small, square, gallant ship
Freighted with a million words.

The ship came into port.
It waited patiently on my mat,
Waiting to unload its cargo of pain.
The manifest read Goodbye.

The words flew out again into darkness.
A million words on a million paper flakes.
It snowed Goodbye,
And then it rained my tears.

The winds blow in the darkness
Between you and me.
Two sovereign nations, isolated.
Ships no longer sail between our ports.

Just a note: this was written in England, over 10 years ago, but I still like it. Some may be puzzled by the reference to waiting on my mat. You should know that in England, the letterbox is in your door, and letters customarily wait on the doormat inside for you to come home and read them. The notion that the postman doesn’t deliver to the door is unheard of!

And now I must go and do interesting things with red cabbage, onion, apple, capsicum and smoked sausage.


2 thoughts on “Words under pressure #5

  1. Jen says:

    Really like this one xx

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