Magpie Quilt: top’s halfway done

Nothing like a deadline to focus the mind, is there?

Go the Pies, halfway through piecing the top

Go the Pies, halfway through piecing the top

I was churning out the blocks this morning when I got to the part where I had to set in the Magpie panel, and came to a screeching halt.  I’d made a mistake, and the damn thing was an inch too wide. It wasn’t possible to reduce the panel width, because that would have meant chopping off parts of the bird image.  So I had to rescale it, make a new transfer, cut a new panel the right size, apply the transfer and put that in.  I lost about an hour.  Not a huge amount in the overall scheme of things, but time I don’t feel I could afford if I’m to finish this baby in time.  But the old panel won’t go to waste.  I’m going to put it on the back, set into whatever fabric I find for the back.  I’m hoping for a nice black with white pattern, so the panel will stand out well.  So, the new magpie panel doesn’t have the spot fabric background, as that was the last I had.  But it’s fine.

And now, it’s halfway there. I have one row to do, and that’s the full width and half the length pieced.  And I’m quite proud of myself because things line up, and I haven’t done my usual trick of warping the fabric as I press, so seams are straight as well as aligned.  I have a few hours of sew seam, sew seam, press, sew seam, sew seam, press, and I think that’ll continue into the evening too, as the Husband’s on night shift so I’m on my own.  I think I’ll get dragged out for a bike ride tomorrow morning, and then my nose will return to the grindstone.

But it’s time for a little light relief.  There are overripe bananas and a mango in the kitchen, and I feel the urge to make a banana/mango loaf…  If it works out, I’ll be posting the recipe.  


5 thoughts on “Magpie Quilt: top’s halfway done

  1. Tracey R says:

    It’s gorgeous, can’t wait to see you and the quilt !!!

  2. Stacey Cleveland says:

    I just pieced a top that is similar to this pattern and have no idea what design I want to use to quilt it. What are you planning on?

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