Magpie quilt: spots before the eyes…

It’s my own fault for choosing black and white fabrics in mainly spot prints!

On the left, the pieced strips. On the right, the blocks cut to size from the strips.

On the left, the pieced strips. On the right, the blocks cut to size from the strips.

But they’re such lovely spots, and the fabric is so wonderfully crisp and sheeny. I’m finding it difficult to concentrate as I cut my sewn and pressed WOF strips into 6.5″ lengths. And of course, the little buggers haven’t stayed immaculately straight during the sewing and pressing process, so lining the strips up is an exercise in frustration. It will all have to depend on piecing together the blocks. Half done, only another 54 squares to cut…

Anyway, I now have a deadline for this quilt. It’s barely realistic: We’re driving down to Dorrigo in northern NSW in 11 days’ time, on 13 November, to visit my sister and at the same time deliver the Morning Tea quilt to CanDo. If I can get it done in time, we’ll also deliver Tracey’s Magpie quilt to her. It may mean I’m finishing the hand sewing on the binding in the car on the way down, but unless it makes me car sick, that seems like a good use of the time.

I’m going to have to get a wiggle on and buy batting, backing fabric and decide how I want to bind it.  Good job I’m not at work most of next week, eh?

And I heard the other day that one of my nephews and his wife are expecting triplets.  It’s very exciting! Three very sudden siblings for their little girl Anna, who’s already got one of my quilts.  So I’ll have to get sewing for cot quilts for them too.  I’ve got a bit of time; they’re not due till April. I think probably all three will be the same design, but in different colourways.

That’s enough of a break.  Back to the cutting mat, ruler and rotary cutter.


One thought on “Magpie quilt: spots before the eyes…

  1. Tracey R says:

    Looking great. Would you like to stay with us?

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