Just don’t do it…

Today, I’m in quilt binding hell.  For those of you more interested in recipes or gardening, you may wish to quit now, as it’s going to be a short and slightly grumpy post!  

A nice cup of coffee is what's needed here

A nice cup of coffee is what’s needed here

I need a coffee break…. OK, I’ve finished the quilting on Morning Tea at the Quilting Bee.  No photo, because it’s not at a point where I want to show it, but I’ll be there tomorrow, and will post the finished thing.  Hurray, or more likely, thank God.  Now it’s time to bind the bugger.

Of course, my overweening ambition made me design the thing with a scalloped edge. Deeply scalloped, not just a gentle curve.  To my fellow quilters out there: Just don’t.   My bias strip is fraying and slipping, my hands are lacerated by pins, my shoulders are like rock – sore rock – and my temper is rising fast.  It’ll be OK in the end, but the journey is very, very uncomfortable.  Gentle curves = nice. Deep curves = a rod for my back.  A good lesson for the future, but a hurdle to be overcome today.  It needs to be finished this afternoon before we go round to the Dowager’s for dinner.  I shall have a calm and restful day tomorrow whipstitching down the other half of the bias binding on the back of the quilt.  Then I shall wash it to set all the stitching and make it fluff out.  After that, I just have to label it, write a card to go with it, and I can send it off to CanDo Cancer Trust with a massive sigh of relief, and devote my energy to something a little more straightforward.

There are three potential quilts jumping up and down going “me! me!”.  That’s even before the one I promised last year that I’d make for my brother, which is another over-ambitious hair-tearer, but not quite as challenging as this one has been.

I need a quilt holiday – a nice easy, pretty, quick quilt to make me fall in love with quilting again…


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