Look at these gorgeous girls

Things are flourishing once again in the Gardens of Chiconia.

Everyone out there has had a nice drink of worm tea, followed by a nice drink of seaweed extract, both well diluted. I’ve nipped out the growing tips on the lemon scented geranium, which is growing too tall for its own good, and also the passionfruit vine, which I want to spread sideways a bit, not just up, up and away. After the frangipani, though (which is producing the most enormous leaves), the two that are impressing me most are these two gorgeous portulacas, which are putting up with hot sunshine and poor soil, and being about as subtle as Priscilla Queen of the Desert about it.

Golden portulaca

Golden portulaca

Scarlet portulaca

Scarlet portulaca, now at least three times larger than when I put it in

Aren’t they lovely?  Pretty much everything else apart from the Desert Rose is past its best and is now desperately setting seed before the Wet starts.  The Desert Rose has a ridiculous number of flowers on two small branches, but it won’t last long once the rain starts; the flowers will be beaten to a pulp.

Inside, my two pampered house orchids are still blooming after several weeks.  They have a very cushy spot, on top of the air conditioner in my work room.  It makes me wish they had a scent, but they’re just regular phalaenopsis, one white and one purple.

And that’s it for this post. A short one, because I don’t have a lot to tell today. Y’all up there in the northern hemisphere, you have a good day as I’m tucking myself into bed.


4 thoughts on “Look at these gorgeous girls

  1. Anlina says:

    Nice agave too. I have a couple that battle through the frost and then come good again!

    • katechiconi says:

      They’re doing so well. Originally transplants from the Dowager’s garden, the big one you see has doubled in size and the runty ones are now forging ahead. My main concern is whether they’ll drown in the forthcoming Wet… We all have our little climate problems!

  2. Love your portulacas, they make such a vibrant groundcover. Do you grow them as annuals in QLD too? When I’ve grown them in the past they’ve happily endured heavy rain and hail, but sadly not our NSW winter.

    • katechiconi says:

      They’ll last several seasons, not just one, because our temperatures don’t drop that much in winter. Drowning in the Wet is a serious concern, because not only is the rain torrential, but it doesn’t drain away quickly on our soil, which is compacted and very leached of nutrients. So all my succulents will be standing with their feet in water for a while – hopefully a short while. The thing I love about portulacas, after their vivid colours, is that they’re so enthusiastic! Thanks for your visit. Kate

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