The fabric frenzy has begun…

I passed a patchwork shop today.  The brain has already kicked over into Quilt Show mode, and I veered inexorably through the door, Husband trailing me. 

I emerged half an hour later, clutching a couple of half metres and 5 fat quarters of fabric, most of them in the Moda Chez Moi range.  There’s an extra: cream with large coral spot, which blends beautifully and gives some visual differentiation from the others.  I have no idea yet what I’m going to do with these new additions to my stash, but I was already working out that I could get 15 x 5″ squares from each fat quarter…  I’ll add photos to this post later on: I have my camera with me, but not the cable that connects it to the computer, so I can’t upload any images. Duh.

We also passed a sewing machine shop and I almost had a heart attack when I saw the price of the new Janome wide throat computerised sewing machine.  It’s a whole lot more machine than I need, and in addition, I make a point of never working with machinery that’s more intelligent than I am, my iMac excluded.  Having said that, if I won it or was given it somehow, I wouldn’t throw it back… Perhaps we’ll see something at the show which ticks all boxes including price, and we’ll ask nicely what their best ‘show price’ would be.

What else did we get up to?  Looking at houses/villas/units to try and find an investment property. It was gruelling, tedious, interesting, draining and ultimately unsatisfying.  There are now two shortlisted candidates, and one we’re hoping to view tomorrow morning before we start the trip back north to Brisbane.  It’s only 5 hours to Brisbane, so we have the better part of the morning to work with if necessary.  If we don’t get a call by 11am, it’s not happening, and we’ll hit the road.  Got to get to bed at a reasonable hour so  I’m fresh for The Show!

We came back from Coffs Harbour via the ‘back road’: 57km of very mixed bitumen and gravel road through the rainforest in part, farmland for the rest.  It’s very picturesque but demanding driving due to almost incessant hairpin bends, bad surface, blind corners and occasional landslips.  The Husband said he was glad to have seen it, but felt absolutely no urge to do it again.  No surprise there.  It also reinforced for him my opinion that we shouldn’t be looking at rental property in small towns and villages off this road, since most people won’t want to travel dozens of kms on rough road after a long day at work.

Must go, there’s salad and a steak with my name on it, and I don’t even have to cook!  More soon.


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