Grovelling, with added safety pins

The least fun part of quiltmaking.  I defy you to produce me one person who enjoys this bit.  And I mean enjoys, not just tolerates as a necessary evil in the process.

Morning Tea at the Quilting Bee: the top's done, the layers are sandwiched together

Morning Tea at the Quilting Bee: the top’s done,
the layers are sandwiched together

It’s Labour Day today. It’s a public holiday. I should be doing something fun, if it wasn’t for two things: the Husband is working today, and the Morning Tea quilt is calling my name. Loudly and insistently. The quilt top is finished.  It’s lying on the living room floor, layered with its backing and batting. I’m spending quality time grovelling on the floor, pinning the whole thing together. It’s hard on the knees, hard on the back, the day’s a hot and sweaty one (31C), and despite several cold drinks, I’m teetering on the brink of calling a halt to the operation. Unfortunately, I can’t reclaim my living room until it’s done, so I just have to persist. There’s some slight doubt about whether I have enough of those cunning little curved safety pins designed for quilters. An insufficiency would be disastrous, as I can’t go out and buy more today. Am I adequately communicating my frustration, reluctance and general procrastination?

Morning Tea pinned

Done. Enough safety pins, enough grovelling.

I think I deserve something nice now.  A cup of coffee, and something tasty. It ought to be chocolate, but we don’t have any (how did that disaster arise?), so it will have to be a healthy snack, or one of my peanut butter cookies…. Slurp, scoff, num num.

Later: Now the interesting bit starts.  The quilting.  How’s that going to look?  I haven’t considered it at all, because it’s been such a battle getting to this point.  I think Morning Tea should be known as The Quilt that Fought Back.  It was hard.  Things went wrong. A lot. I couldn’t technically achieve a couple of effects I wanted.  I couldn’t work on it for quite a long time (getting married, moving to Queensland, nowhere to work, blah, blah).  Now I’m finally there, and suddenly I have to produce an idea.  Hello out there.  Any ideas?  It’s got to be easy. It’s got to be quick. It’s got to work on my domestic sewing machine. It’s NOT got to involve taking it to someone with a longarm quilting machine for an all-over floral scrolly thing to happen. This is a wall hanging. It hasn’t got to survive numerous washings and the rough and tumble of use on a bed.  I can do something very open.  I’d prefer not to quilt closely, because it’ll shrink it a little and distort it.  Suggestions received with pathetic gratitude, but no promises to use them.  Ultimately, I’ll go with whatever feels right at the time.

Off to fiddle around with my notebook and a pencil…


2 thoughts on “Grovelling, with added safety pins

  1. wombatquilts says:

    I recently taught my husband how to baste… it was probably the smartest thing I have every done!

    • katechiconi says:

      Great idea! But it would only work in my case if I was prepared to wait a couple of months for it to happen. Not that he’s reluctant, just meticulous, and considers every action carefully. I just wanted it done, as I want the whole quilt done. Thanks for visiting and Liking my post. Now I’ll take a look at your blog. 🙂

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