Tropical gardening – help, please?

Can anyone gardening in the tropics of whatever nation recommend a good book for a tropical beginner?  All recommendations gratefully received, particularly if they’re still in print and I can either borrow them from the library or order them from  I have a couple of good ones on what vegies will grow here, but all my knowledge (and it’s fairly extensive) is based on cool and warm temperate, and some sub-tropical, so what I need is the technical stuff.  The seasons here are all wrong, the heatzones are all wrong and what works in the northern hemisphere doesn’t work in wet tropics Mackay, Queensland, Australia.  So please, share your knowledge and experience, hints and tips, reading and plant favourites and help an expat Brit make her tropical garden flourish.

Thank you!


2 thoughts on “Tropical gardening – help, please?

  1. Top Tropicals is a company that specialized in tropical plants. Their website has a lot of information, zoo, and they do publish a magazine. Here is their website:

  2. katechiconi says:

    Thanks, BR. I’ll check that out.

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