Words under Pressure: Ageing

Another blogger, Karen Ellis, liked a previous post. I took a look at her blog. She had a fascinating short movie embedded, showing a young girl ageing slowly before our eyes. She asked for thoughts and comments on the ageing process.  Here’s something I wrote about 10 years ago.  I thought I was getting old then.  Boy, was I wrong.  NOW I’m old. Sort of.  Well, anyway, these are my thoughts on ageing:

Once, when I was young,
Life left no mark upon my face.
Control and excess alike
Put no thumbprint on me.

When I was young,
My mind had the same resilience.
Passion and grief came … and passed.
Every day was new.

Now I am older,
And all things leave their mark,
And I am glad.
The faces of the young are all the same.

Let me show you how I have lived.
Read it in my face,
See the shadows it has left,
And the shadows it has not.

See for yourself
That I have mostly lived in laughter.
See also that I know pain
And have encompassed both.

And now I see in the mirror
The face of my mother.
And though she is long gone
I comprehend what made her.

Individuals are all
The sum of their experiences.
Why would I surrender mine
For a face like an unwritten page?

Thank you, Karen Ellis, for prompting me to dig this out.  I still like it, 10 years on.

Below: photos of me at 25, and today. The ageing process is interesting, don’t you think?

Me, at 25 Me. 2013

Damn, I had good eyebrows then.  Lost them to chemotherapy, never grew back properly.  Apart from that, I’m happy with what time has done to me and for me.  I’m happy to age.


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