Kate Chiconi

Picture 2

Quilter, gardener, gluten free cook, compulsive writer of the happenings in the Kingdom of Chiconia. In my spare time, I’m a part time sales rep for a courier company. Married to one very kind and indulgent husband, who turns a blind eye to my ever increasing stash of books, plants, quilting fabrics and recipes.

Welcome to the ongoing saga. Many of you have been enjoying Tall Tales from other places, but I’ve decided to bring it all together, because Chiconia is where I am, rather than a particular place.

There will be photos.  Of quilts, plants, my garden, things I’ve cooked.  There will be recipes.  There will be opinions. Lots of them.


3 thoughts on “Kate Chiconi

  1. Husband says:

    … the King of Chiconia is impressed… you have done well my quilting, gardening & cooking Queen… but most of all Loving Companion… with lots of love. Husband…

  2. Naomi Hawkins says:

    Love the blog….can’t wait to read it every week. Lovely photo of you, too! Naomi x

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